t  1    Grandma Rachel Tilton

Grandma Susan Rachel Josephine Gore Tilton (1880-1965) married to Dr. Frank L. Tilton. Sister of twins Kate Gore Woods and William Jefferson Gore.

2    Leona Tilton

Leona he second wife of Fredric “Fred” Lewis Tilton. She worked for many years at the Inn.

3    Jimmy Tilton

Great-Grandpa James L. (Jimmy) Tilton (1851-1950) married to Sarah Jane Moore Tilton (1852-1921).

4    Ray & Ida Tilton

Great Uncle Ray (Doc) (1882 – 1925) and Aunt Ida Pearl David Tilton 1882-?).

5    Sarah Jane Tilton

Great Grandma Sarah Jane Tilton (1852-1921) was married to James L. “Jimmy” Tilton (1851-1950).

6    Frank Tilton

Grandpa Dr. Frank Tilton (1874-1954), married to Susan Rachel Josephine Gore Tilton (1880-1965).

7    William Gore 

Great Uncle William Jefferson Gore, a WWI Army vet and a career Army man (1878-1960). He was Rachel Gore Tilton’s brother and twin brother to Kate Gore Woods.

8    Simeon Breech

Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Simeon Breech (1814-1853), an original settler of Brown County.

9    Frank & Margaret Tilton

Uncle Frank Gore (1904-2004) and Aunt Margaret Evelyn Gatton Tilton (1913-1997).

10   Byron & Kathleen Walker

James Byron Walker (1899-1985) and his wife, Kathleen Marie Barger (1901-1993). He was a local dentist and the son of Great-Aunt Mamie Tilton Walker.

11    Mamie Tilton Walker

Great Aunt “Mamie” Mary Jane Tilton Walker (1875-1955), mother of Dr. James Byron Walker.

12    Gladys Tilton

Mom, Gladys Gwendolyn Satter Tilton, first wife of Fredric L. “Fred” Tilton. (1915-1992).

13    Kate Gore

Great Aunt (Margaret Catherine) Kate Gore Woods (1878-1951), twin sister of William Gore. She was married to William Jackson Woods (1857-1936).

14    Fred Tilton

Dad, Fredric L. Tilton (1913-2006), who with his first wife, Gladys Satter Tilton (1915-1992) purchased Lot 10, Nashville in 1939, where Cornerstone Inn now stands.

15    Elizabeth & Lewis Tilton

Lewis Cass (1815-1893) and Elizabeth Lacey Tilton (1821-1896), who were among the first settlers of Brown County. Arriving by covered wagon in 1856, they established a tradition of faith, hard work and service that has now reached 6 subsequent generations of Brown County descendants.

16   Ruth Tilton

Aunt Ruth Alberta Tilton (1906-2001), local music teacher and sister of Fredric L. “Fred” Tilton.

17   Mary Moore

Great-Great Aunt Mary Ellen Moore (1848-1929), daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Moore.

18   Benjamin & Rebecca Moore

Great-Great Grandparents Benjamin (Franklin) (1821-1910) and Rebecca (Breech) Moore, original Brown County settlers.

UR 1    Allie Ferguson

Priscilla Alice “Allie” Lucas Ferguson (1856-1939), who in the early 1900's, was owner of a local boarding house on West Franklin Street, affectionately known as the Ferguson House

UR2    The Pittman House

The Old Pittman House Inn, was located in where the Nashville Christian Church parking lot currently is and was an early 1900's lodging establishment known for it's medicinal sulphur springs. 

UR 3    The Village Motel

The Village Motel which was located just east of the Upper Rooms from the 1930 's to 1996.

UR 4    Nashville House

Named after the old Nashville House, which was a lodging establishment owned by James Tilton in the early 1900's. It is now a restaurant and general store located in the center of town, just 1/2 block to the west of the Upper Rooms.

UR 5    Taggart's Inn

Named for the Taggart family, original owners of the property now housing Upper Rooms 1-5. Ed Taggart and his wife established the Day Star Inn here in 1991. Upon his passing the property was renovated and became the Upper Rooms of the Cornerstone Inn in 2004.

Cane Ridge Cottage Suites

Named after the Cane Ridge Revival held in 1801 in Cane Ridge, KY. It drew thousands of people and was one of the landmark events of the Second Great Awakening. *

Goshen Cottage Suites

Named after the Goshen Revival.

Shiloh Building

Named after the Shiloh Revival.


Acronym for Love Of Family Time

Tudie's Cottage

Built in 1868, i