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Inclement Weather Policy

We understand wintery weather can be very uncooperative with travel. Cornerstone Inn has adopted the following policy to assist our guests as travel plans are made.

If the Indiana Department of Homeland Security has issued a TRAVEL WARNING including a county on your necessary route on the day of your arrival, your reservation may be cancelled with a refund, less any associated processing expenses incurred or your reservation may be moved to an alternate date within a limited time. A moved reservation may be restricted to dates and/or days of the week that Cornerstone Inn is not expecting to be at capacity. Management will base any future reservation date restrictions upon how likely it is that potential guests were turned away to honor the original reservation, the severity of the weather regionally, the length of time given to try to resell the room(s) and any other such factor affecting the specific situation.

If the Indiana Department of Homeland Security has NOT issued a TRAVEL WARNING including a county on your necessary route on the day of arrival, the room(s) can be released to resell. If room(s) cannot be resold, or must be sold at a discount, a late cancelation fee up to a full charge per room per night will be applied. Fees do not incur tax liability therefore any taxes paid will be refunded. We will make every effort to resell released rooms at the best possible rate to maximize any further potential refund.

It is the intention of Cornerstone Inn to extend our best effort to honor the spirit of the reservation process by treating each reservation with utmost integrity.

Thanks again for selecting Cornerstone Inn for your Brown County getaway. We appreciate your patronage very much and look forward to your visit. Safe travels!




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